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Thursday Night Write is a community of queer writers who meet for a lively and loosely- structured writing group on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, 7:00pm- 9:00pm. We meet at Affirmations, the community center for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender people and their allies. This is a closed community for members of Thursday Night Write who want more extensive feedback/ critique on our writing.

Community Rules

1. We use kind critique. Posting in the community means you're looking for people to help you read, revise and (re)vision your work.
2. We critique the writing, not the writer. Don't critique a writer's work unless you're offering yours for critique. Use "I" statements and behave like adults.
3. We're going to have FUN! We're here because we love to write. Let's not take ourselves too terribly seriously.
4. We avoid self- criticism.

Posting Rules

1. Posts should be topical. This includes writing you've shared at the Thursday Night Write group, writing in progress, self- reflection on your writing process or short quotes by writers who inspire you. Let's keep journal writing in our personal journals.
2. Use a LiveJournal cut for any writing longer than a paragraph. You can find more information about lj cut in this FAQ.
3. Posts should include: title, genre(s), prompt used, type of feedback you want, and tags. You can find more information about tags in this FAQ.
4. To join this community, please submit a request to the moderator(s). Once approved fill out the following questionnaire an your introduction post:


     What do you write?

     Why do you write?

     What are you currently reading? Or what's your favorite book?

     Tell us about your tools. (paper, writing utensils, favorite place to write, etc.)

5. Finally, please select "friends" as your security option at the bottom of each entry.